Is There Snow in Krakow Now? Is it Snowing?

Krakow is located close to the Tatra Mountains in southern Poland, so it seems reasonable to ask whether it is snowing in Krakow or is it snowing now in Krakow?

Winter in Krakow can be troublesome, not only due to air pollution in Krakow, but also due to snow. Most snowfall in Kraków usually occurs in January and February. You have to remember that in November or early December, in order to see snow lying on the streets, you must be lucky. However, it must be stressed that snowfall in December is not uncommon and can happen. If you are looking for snow in Krakow, you should choose January.


When it’s snowing in Krakow

snow in Krakow

When does it snow in Krakow? Days with snow in Krakow last years (till 2020), it is worth adding that it is about any snowfall – it often melts quickly on the streets

November: 9 days of snowfalls.

December: 17 days of snowfalls.

January: 23 days of snowfalls.

February:  17 days of snowfalls.

March: 11 days od snowfalls.

Apri:l 2 days of snowfalls.

Is snow a problem in Krakow?

The people of Krakow got used to snowfall in Krakow. You have to remember a few things, on the roads it is nice to have winter tires on the car, in the winter season traffic jams on the streets are much bigger. Near the Zakrzowek you can also meet… boars!

wild boars in Krakow
Wild boars in Krakow near Zakrzowek

If you will be in Krakow in winter, it is worth strolling the streets of the city and admiring the beautiful medieval streets, you can also go to the nearby Tatra Mountains to Zakopane for skiing or snowboarding!

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