Is Krakow Cold In October? Krakow in October Weather

You can visit Krakow all year round, but is it worth going to Krakow in autumn? Many tourists planning a trip to Krakow wonder what the weather is like in October. Is it warm in October in Krakow? What is the temperature like in Krakow in October? Does it snow? Let’s find out!

Is the beginning of autumn a good time to visit Krakow? Although most of the attractions in Krakow can be visited regardless of the weather, autumn is not the best time to go to Poland.

Autumn in Poland is usually cold and rainy. What is the average daytime temperature in Krakow in October?

At the beginning of October, the average daytime temperature in Krakow is in the region of 62 degrees Fahrenheit (16°C) and drops rapidly with the following days. By the middle of the month the average is just 56 degrees Fahrenheit (13°C), and by the end of October the average daytime temperature is just 51 degrees Fahrenheit (10°C).

Of course, there are also days that deviate significantly from the average. Days in October in Krakow on which the temperature does not even exceed 41 degrees Fahrenheit (5°C) are not unusual.

It gets dark very quickly in autumn in Poland. October means short and rainy days in Krakow. The fact is that if you manage to find a bright autumn day in Krakow, the city full of yellowed leaves on the trees looks picturesque.

However, there is no risk of snow in Krakow in October. There may be local morning and night frosts, but even if it snows, it won’t last more than a few hours.

When looking for good weather, it is better to avoid Krakow in October. It is best to visit Krakow in late spring or summer.

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