Is Poland in Schengen Area? Schengen Visa in Poland

The Schengen Area has been a topic of interest to many people for years. Not everyone knows yet whether Poland is in the Schengen Area, so many tourists wonder whether Poland is in the Schengen Area, and if so, since when has Poland been in the Schengen Area. Is Krakow in the Schengen Zone? Let’s find out if it is!

What exactly the Schengen area and Schengen Agreement are probably needs no explanation. In the simplest and shortest terms it is an area of states on whose internal borders controls are abolished and whose borders can be crossed freely. Does Poland also belong to the Schengen Area? Yes!

Many people wonder: since when has Poland been in the Schengen Area? We have the answer! Poland joined the Schengen Area on 21 December 2007, and the provisions of the agreement came into effect at sea and air crossings on 30 March 2008. People with Schengen visas can therefore arrive in Krakow without any problems. It is sufficient to have a visa entitling you to stay in any Schengen Agreement country and you do not then need to apply additionally for a visa to Poland.

It is worth remembering that the Schengen area is not the same as the European Union and that they are two separate things. As a reminder, let us add that Poland, and therefore Kraków, is also in the European Union.

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