Is There a Mosque in Krakow? Where is Mosque in Krakow?

Many of the tourists coming to Krakow are from Arab countries. If you are coming to Krakow from an Arab country you will probably want to go to a mosque. Many people planning a trip to Krakow wonder if there is a mosque in Krakow. Is there? Where is the mosque in Krakow? Let’s check it out!

If you are planning your holiday in Krakow and are wondering whether there is a mosque in the city, we have an answer for you. Unfortunately, Poland is an overwhelmingly Catholic country. There are practically no mosques in Poland (there are six of them) and there is no mosque in Krakow.

In Krakow, however, we can find an Islamic prayer centre. Where is it located? The Islamic cultural centre is located at 10/30 Króla Jana III Sobieskiego Street.

Friday Salat ul Jummah prayers are organised at the centre. Chutba is held every Friday in summer at 1pm local time and in winter at 12pm local time.

Summary: Is there a mosque in Kraków? No, Poland is a Catholic country and there is no mosque in Krakow. There is, however, an Islamic prayer centre. Visitors can use the opportunity to pray in the Islamic cultural centre locatet on Jana III Sobieskiego Street not far from the Market Square.

The centre is open on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 12pm to 6pm local time.

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