How Cold is Krakow in December? Krakow Weather in December

You can visit Krakow all year round and December is no exception. Before traveling , however, it is worth considering how cold it is in Krakow in December. Does it snow in December in Krakow? What is the average temperature in Krakow in December? Let’s find out what the weather is like!

Is it worth traveling to Krakow in December? If you are looking for a warm tourist destination, it makes no sense to go to Krakow in December. The beginning of winter in Krakow and in Poland is a period of cold and cloudy days. In Krakow in December, the day is very short. Does it snow in December in Krakow?

Snowfall in Krakow in December can occur. Usually, at least in the first part of the month, if it snows it does not last longer than a day or two. In the second half of the month, snowfall is even more likely and then snow may already be lingering on lawns or city squares.

What is the temperature like in December in Krakow? It is already cold at the beginning of December. The average daytime temperature in Krakow at the beginning of December is 39 degrees Fahrenheit (under 4°C), by the middle of the month the temperature drops to around 35 degrees Fahrenheit (under 2°C)and stays that way until the end of December. December is one of the few coldest months in Krakow.

At night in December in Krakow you can expect temperatures falling well below 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0°C), it will not be a surprise even if thermometers show 24 or 20 degrees Fahrenheit (as low as -7°C).

Summary: Is it worth going to Krakow in December? If you are looking for a warm holiday destination then December in Krakow is not the best idea. December is one of the coldest months in Poland. Temperatures here drop below zero at night and it is not warm during the day either.

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