Is Smoking Allowed at Kraków Airport? Krakow Airport Smoking Area

Many tourists come to Krakow by plane, landing or taking off from the Krakow Airpot. Many travellers wonder if it is possible to smoke at Krakow airport. Is there a smoking zone at Krakow airport? Where can you smoke at Krakow airport? Let’s check it out!

Smoking is a fatal addiction, but unfortunately it is often hard to fight. Many people come to Krakow to smoke cigarettes, and the low cigarette prices in Poland make it even more tempting to buy a stimulant. At Kraków Airport, you can find specially designated smoking areas.

If you’re about to smoke a cigarette shortly after your plane journey, there are places at Krakow Airport where this is possible. There aren’t many, but there are! Where are they located? The smoking area in the restricted area is located at Gate 1. The smoking area is located in the Passenger Terminal on level +1.

If you are going to Kraków Airport, you can smoke in front of the airport building before you check in. However, it should be remembered that directly in front of the doors to the terminals there are no-smoking zones on the pavement. Outside these zones, smoking is permitted.

Smoking is of course forbidden in the terminal building, outside the designated area and on anywhere near the planes. Here you can find out how to get from the airport to the centre of Krakow.

Summary: Is there a smoking room at Krakow Airport? Yes, there is a smoking area, and there are places around the airport where you can legally smoke cigarettes without fear of getting a smoking ticket.

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