What to Wear in Krakow in November? What In Poland?

Krakow is one of the many cities that are worth visiting all year round. However, you should be aware that not all months of the year in Poland are warm. It is worth knowing how to dress in Krakow in autumn in November. What to take in your suitcase when going to Poland in November? What clothes to take ? Let’s check it out!

If you are going to visit Krakow in November you should read our article about November weather in Krakow. November is not the best month to visit Krakow. In Poland, it is already one of the colder months of the year What to wear in Krakow in November?

It is mandatory to take warm shoes, long pants and long-sleeved clothes to Krakow in November. A waterproof and breathable jacket with a detachable hood to protect you from the rain will come in handy. If you are not fond of the cold, even a hat and scarf and even gloves will be advisable.

In November in Krakow it is cold sometimes days and especially nights with minus temperatures, so it is worth having some warm winter clothes. November in Krakow is not the time for summer clothes.

If you are in Krakow in November, you may also want to visit the museum at the former Auschwitz concentration camp in Oswiecim. The museum is largely an open space where the wind blows so it’s chilly there. So remember to dress warmly. The same goes for a trip from Krakow to Zakopane in November. Zakopane is located in the mountains and in November you can expect even snowfall there. When going to the mountains, wear winter clothes adapted to the extreme mountain conditions!

In summary : What to wear in Krakow in November? When traveling to Krakow in November give up summer clothes. You definitely need pack warm clothes for Krakow in November.

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