5 Reasons to Visit Krakow in November, Weather and Temperature

November is an interesting month to visit Krakow. You can see many unique traditions. In this article you will find out what the weather is like in Krakow in November, whether it is raining and what the temperature is in Krakow.

Krakow in November can be a romantic city, we will present you 5 reasons why it is worth visiting Krakow in November, and at the end of the article, we will present you the weather in November in Krakow.


Dziady – Polish Day of the Dead

cementery in Krakow

Dziady is a traditional Polish holiday of the dead in Slavic folklore. Various rituals were used to make contact with the dead. Souls were fed with honey, porridge and eggs during special feasts at homes and at cemeteries. Fires were also burned so that souls would not get lost. At 1st of November on the Krak’s Mound or Zakrzówek, you may be able to find events organized by native believers (rodzimowiercy).


Cheaper holidays in Krakow

holidays in krakow in november

November is also a cheaper month for holidays in Krakow, thanks to fewer tourists you can find really good prices even in five-star hotels in the city center.


Lots of parties, students in Krakow

party in Krakow

Students return to the city in October. November is very good month for partying and house parties in the city, where you can have fun with young guys and girls starting their life in the big city. Student parties are an amazing experience and it is worth visiting the student camp (Miasteczko Studenckie AGH) if you want to have a good time.


Szopki, Krakow nativity scenes

Krakow’s richly decorated nativity scenes are a tradition that has existed for over two centuries in Krakow. The competition for the prettiest nativity scene is one of the main cultural events in the city. It’s worth taking a walk around the city and seeing these beautiful little works of art. At the information points you will find a map and an information bulletin where to find the nativity scenes. You can also see szopki in december in Krakow.


Cheap shopping in Krakow

shopping in krakow

If you want to do cheap shopping, it is also worth thinking about coming to Krakow to a few places where you will find interesting souvenirs and cheap food products from Krakow. Such places are Stary Kleparz, Hala Targowa or Okrąglak (Plac Nowy), the best place to buy a good cheese or sausage from babushka is definitely Stary Kleparz.


Weather in Krakow in November

krakow ojcow weather november
Ojcow National Park near Krakow in November

Temperatures in Krakow in November range from 4 to 12 degrees Celsius. You must have an umbrella with you, because November is quite rainy and it may even snow in Krakow then.

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