Unique! What to Do in Krakow in Winter. Weather, Temperatures

Is it worth going to Krakow in winter? What is the weather and temperature like on Krakow winter holidays? We will answer these questions and tell you about everything you should know before winter in Krakow and a trip to Krakow in November, December, January and February.


Christmas Market in Krakow


christmas market krakow

You cannot go to Krakow in winter and not visit the Christmas market in the main square. Next to the Adam Mickiewicz monument in front of the Cloth Hall, you will be able to taste local products, buy souvenirs from Krakow and enjoy the atmosphere of the Christmas atmosphere in Krakow

Stands from the Christmas market are often also set up in the Mały Rynek, so take a look also there.


Skiing near Krakow


skiing near Krakow

You can go skiing or snowboarding near Krakow. The nearest ski slopes are located 30 km south of Krakow, beyond Myślenice. However, most of the best ski slopes are found in the Tatra Mountains.

It’s best to go to Białka Tatrzańska, Zakopane or Bukowina Tatrzańska for skiing near Krakow.

Trekking in Tatra Mountains


trekking in Tatras

The vicinity of the Tatra Mountains is a place full of trekking paths for amateurs, intermediate and advanced. You can even enjoy climbing in the higher parts of the mountains. At the beginning, we recommend trekking in the valleys next to Zakopane, they are excellent for begginers.


Szopki, native scenes from Krakow


Do you want to see the local tradition typical for Krakow? See the nativity scenes on the streets of the city. Each nativity scene Szopka is decorated, colorful, embellished with decorations and scenes from the birth of Christ and the lives of people in Krakow.

On November 29, 2018, the tradition of building unique nativity scenes in Krakow was added to the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Heritage of Humanity.


Try polish and Krakow cuisine


krakow christmas cuisine

Krakow and Lesser Poland are full of local Christmas specialties. You should definitely try hot borscht with small dumplings called 'uchka’, mulled wine, cabbage and mushroom croquettes, kutia (poppy seed and dried fruit dessert), dried fruit compote or carp.

You can find these dishes in restaurants and at the Christmas market.


Winter weather in Krakow


winter weather in Krakow

Winter in Krakow offers temperatures from about -10 degrees Celsius to 7 degrees Celsius. Snowfall in Krakow is usually greatest in January and February – but you may be lucky and hit the white Christmas holidays. Winter is not very cold, but there are days and nights with temperatures as low as -25 degrees Celsius.

Choose month when do you want to travel to Krakow

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