24-hour Pharmacies in Krakow. Where is 24/7 Pharmacy in Krakow?

Even on the most wonderful tourist trip, the need for a pharmacy can happen. If you have a sudden pain or feel worse, you may have to shop at the pharmacy overnight. Are there 24-hour pharmacies in Krakow? Where are the 24-hour pharmacies in Kraków? Here is a list of 24-hour pharmacies in Kraków in the city centre and outside the city centre in 2022 and their addresses.

The list of 24-hour pharmacies in Krakow, whether in the Old Town or in Nowa Huta or Podgórze, is not very long. There are only a few pharmacies in Kraków open 24/7. Which pharmacies are these? Here is a list of 24-hour pharmacies in Kraków with map indication.

Apteka Całodobowa Dr. Max, Ul. Karmelicka 23

Apteka całodobowa DOZ, ul. Kalwaryjska 94

Apteka Pod Eskulapem, ul. Kazimierza Wielkiego 117

Apteka całodobowa DOZ, ul. Kronikarza Galla 26

Apteka całodobowa DOZ, ul. S. Stojałowskiego 6

Apteka całodobowa DOZ, os. Centrum A, bl. 4


Apteka Wolska, ul. Wolska 1


Apteka całodobowa DOZ, ul. Zielińska 3

As you can see, there are only a few 24-hour pharmacies on the map of Krakow. The 24-hour pharmacy closest to the tourist centre of Krakow and the Main Market Square and its surroundings is the pharmacy located on Karmelicka Street at number 23.

Another pharmacy close to the Market Square is yes on Kazimierza Wielkiego Street. The rest requires ordering an Uber or Bolt or driving your own car.

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