How Far is Krakow From Ukraine Border?

Many tourists from the United States or the United Kingdom mistakenly assume that Krakow is in Ukraine. While Krakow is not Ukraine and has nothing to do with Ukraine, it is worth considering how far the border with Ukraine is from Krakow. How far is the border with Ukraine? Let’s find out!

Krakow has nothing to do with Ukraine. It is a city located in Poland in the Lesser Poland Voivodeship. However, you can easily get to the Polish-Ukrainian border from Krakow.

It is easy to get from Krakow to Ukraine by car or bus via the A4 motorway towards Rzeszow and the Polish-Ukrainian border, or by train going to Przemyśl and then boarding a Ukrainian train to Kiev or crossing the Polish-Ukrainian border at Medyka on foot.

How far is it from Krakow to Ukraine? It is 256 kilometres (160 miles) by car from the centre of Krakow to the Korczowa-Krakowiec border crossing. The distance to the other Polish-Ukrainian road border crossings is even greater. It’s about 330 kilometres frok Mrakow to the city of Lwów (205 miles), and as far as 870 kilometres (540 miles) to Kyiv Ukraine’s capital city.

Summary: How far is Krakow from the Polish-Ukrainian border? It is more than 250 kilometres from Krakow to the Korczowa-Krakowiec border crossing on the A4 motorway.

Once again we remind you: Krakow is in Poland. It is more than 1,350 kilometres in a straight line from Krakow to the front line of the war taking place in Donbass in Ukraine. With the war in Ukraine, it is as safe to go to Poland as it was one, two or five years ago. The war in the east of Ukraine has no impact on the safety of Kraków residents in Poland.

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