Haircut Krakow Price. How Much is a Haircut in Poland?

Many people who come to Krakow on holiday sometimes also want to use services that are very cheap in Poland. If you want to go to a hairdresser in Krakow then you are probably wondering how much a hairdresser in Krakow costs. What are the prices in hairdressing establishments? How much for a haircut in Krakow?

In small neighbourhood hairdressing establishments far from the city centre in Krakow, men’s haircuts cost between 20-60 PLN (from 4.2 to 13 EUR or 3.7 to 11 GBP), while women’s haircuts cost between 40 and 100 PLN (10 to 20 EUR or 8.6 to 19 GBP). These types of hairdressing establishments do not usually provide a high-class service, but they are very cheap.

However, prices are different in hair salons that have better-trained staff and better equipment, facilities and a high level of service. It is more expensive here, but nowhere is „expensive” in Poland, so this one is cheap too!

In mid-range hairdressing salons in the centre of Krakow, the cost of a men’s haircut is around 60-120 PLN, while a women’s haircut costs around 120-160 PLN.

In recognised hairdressing establishments in the centre of Krakow, a men’s haircut also costs from around 100 to a maximum of 150 PLN, while a women’s haircut costs from 150 to even 200 or 300 PLN for long hair.

Bottom line: hairdresser prices in Krakow vary depending on the quality of the establishment, the training of the staff or the location of the salon.

The cost of a men’s haircut in Krakow is generally around 100 PLN (20 EUR). Women’s haircuts can be more expensive, but it is also possible to find places where it costs even less than 30 Euro.

More expensive services than just a haircut are treatments such as colouring, balayage or perms.

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