When Does it Snow in Krakow? Is There a Snow in Krakow Now?

Krakow is a city that enjoys popularity all year round. Tourists come here both in spring, summer, autumn and winter. Many people travelling to Krakow wonder if it snows in Krakow. Is it snowing in Krakow? When is it snowing in Krakow? Are they in December, January or February? Let’s find out!

Krakow is not one of the warmest tourist destinations in the world and if you don’t like the cold it is best to visit Krakow between May and the end of August. From September onwards, the weather in Krakow starts to deteriorate. In winter, snowfalls occur in Krakow.

When does it snow in Krakow? Snowfalls in Poland can happen as early as November, and in December, January and February we can be almost 100% certain to encounter snow. If we are lucky, we may find days with no snow cover in Krakow, but even if the winter is warm, the possibility of snowfall must be taken into account.

Krakow is a few hours drive from the mountains of Poland and Zakopane (here you can check how to get to Zakopane from Krakow). There, snow appears much earlier and stays even longer – even until March or early April.

Summary: Is there snow in Krakow? In December, January and February you have to reckon with the possibility of snowfall. In December, especially in the first half of the month, snowfall is unlikely to be on the streets, but in January and February you can expect pavements and streets in Krakow to be covered in persistent snow.

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