How Much is a Cup of Coffee in Krakow? Poland Price of Coffee

Poland is famous for its low prices, but is coffee in a café in Krakow cheap? How much does coffee in Krakow cost? The answer to the question of how much does coffee cost in Market Square in Krakow is not straightforward. What are the prices of coffee shops in Krakow and in Poland? Let’s find out!

The answer to the question how much does coffee cost on the Market Square in Krakow is not straightforward. It all depends on the class of the establishment we want to go to. On the Market Square, there are less sophisticated, cheaper establishments, high-class restaurants, chain stores and establishments typically aimed at quickly collecting large sums of money from rich tourists, where quality is of secondary importance.

The coffee prices in Krakow, however, can be astonishing! In Poland, there is no culture of going out to restaurants or out for coffee. For many Poles, going out for coffee is almost a holiday, which they mentally prepare for several days before going out! Coffee prices in Poland are therefore higher than, for example, in Italy and many countries in developed Western Europe.

So let’s take a look at the price lists of some of the establishments on the Market Square in Krakow. In the popular Europa we pay about 2 EUR for an espresso and about 3.20 EUR for a latte (150 ml).

At the popular Loża café, the cost is about 2.8 EUR for an espresso, 3.4 EUR for a small latte macchiato and about 4.20 EUR for a large. Next door, at the Amalia Brasserie, you pay about 2-8 EUR for an espresso and aout 3.8 EUR for a latte.

In one of the popular cafés in Sukiennice, which boasts rather poor reviews on Google, a coffee costs around 4.2 EUR.

In general, it can be said that for a coffee in the centre of Krakow, you have to pay from around 3.2 to even 4.5 EUR in a better restaurant in the centre.

There are also chain caffees on the Market Square and in Krakow where prices are sometimes slightly higher than in normal local cafés. In chain stores such as Costa or Starbucks the price of a large coffee in a paper cup exceeds 4.2 EUR.

As you can see, coffee prices on Market Square in Krakow are neither exorbitantly high nor the lowest. There are dozens of catering establishments in Krakow, varying both in their approach to customers and price levels. The further away from the tourist areas of Krakow, such as the Main Square or Kazimierz, the lower the prices in cafés, but it is hard to find coffee in Krakow below EUR 2.3.

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