Is Prostitution Legal in Poland? Are Prostitutes Legal?

Holiday trips to Poland are associated with low prices for various attractions including girls. However, many people wonder whether enjoying the charms of beautiful Polish ladies can bring them into trouble with the law. Is prostitution legal in Poland? Is it possible to use prostitutes in Poland? Let’s find out!

If you have been wondering if prostitutes are legal in Poland, we have the answer for you. They are! In Poland, without the slightest problem, you can use the services of various prostitutes both those in brothels and those taking in their own flats.

Being a prostitute is not illegal in Poland, being a client of a whore is not illegal in Poland either. It is only illegal in Poland to take material benefits from prostitutes, i.e. to be, popularly speaking, a pimp.

Summary: Is prostitution legal in Poland? Can you use the services of prostitutes in Poland without fear? Yes, prostitution in Poland is not illegal. In Poland you are allowed to be both a prostitute and her client! Find out how much prostitutes cost in Krakow here.

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