Parking in Krakow. How Much Does it Cost? Where to Park in Krakow? Free Parking?

Parking in Krakow is not as expensive as parking in many Western European cities. Many people who travel to Krakow with their own car or a hired one wonder where to park in Krakow. How much does parking in Krakow cost? Is parking in Krakow charged? Where can I park for free and what do the parking zones in Krakow mean? Today about parking in Krakow.

Best Restaurants in Krakow with a View. Rooftop restaurants in Krakow

Many people visiting Krakow wonder where to go on the roof in Krakow. How to look at Kracow from the roof above? Let’s check where it is possible. Here are interesting places where the view on the city centre is really good. Of course, we mean places which are legal such as restaurants and cafes. Here are interesting sky bars with a view in Krakow.

How Much is Breakfast in Krakow? Breakfast Price in Krakow

Many visitors to Krakow choose to enjoy cafes and restaurants in the city rather than rely on meals served in the hotel. Tourists often wonder how much breakfast costs in Krakow. How much do you have to pay for a good breakfast in the centre of Krakow?

is there air pollution in Krakow

Is There Air Pollution in Krakow? Level and Rate in 2021/2022

Air pollution in Kraków and its level have been a problem in the city for many years. However, the situation is changing for the better. We will answer the question what is the level of pollution in Krakow and present the statistics of air pollution in Krakow in 2021 and the prospects for 2022.

Is There a Metro in Krakow? Subway, Underground in Krakow

In many large developed cities, the easiest way to get around is to take the metro. Many people planning a holiday in Krakow wonder if there is a metro in Krakow. Is there a metro in Krakow? How much does the metro in Krakow cost? Let’s check out the topic of the Krakow metro

how to get to zakopane from Krakow

How to Get to Zakopane from Krakow? Distance, Taxi Price, Bus or Car?

Zakopane is not far from Krakow, so if you are wondering how to get to Zakopane from Krakow, what to choose, a taxi, bus or maybe a train. Here is the answer to the question of how far is it to Zakopane and the mountains from Krakow, whats the distance and how long does the journey take?

How Much are Hookers in Krakow? Where to Find Prostitutes in Krakow?

Holidays in Poland are famous for low prices in Krakow and tourist resorts. When going on holiday, many people also plan to indulge in adult entertainment. Many tourists wonder how much prostitutes in Krakow cost. How much do you have to pay for a hooker in Krakow? Is there a red light district in Kraków? There is nothing better than cheap polish Hookers in Krakow!